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Nina Jacinto

I've been working for nonprofit organizations and companies since 2009. During this time I've helped implement a range of company structures - from traditional management hierarchies to holacracy. My career has been primarily in overseeing operations, human resources and risk management. And my favorite part of my work has always been to coach people on how to create high-functioning, productive teams. 

I spend much of my days tinkering with various task management tools, figuring out how to design better meetings for myself and others, and advising people on how best to prioritize their work and keep track of everything going on in their busy lives.

I've been using GTD for many years and have adapted it in a way that suits my personal and professional life. My practice involves using GTD through Asana and a good planner, being extremely protective of my time, and creating space for focused and uninterrupted work. And now I want to help bring this type of practice to you. 

I live in the Bay Area with my very clumsy cat, whose GTD practice consists mostly of large napping work blocks.

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