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Implement a disciplined approach to your company's productivity

I'll get you and your team trained up on the system of Getting Things Done (GTD). We'll talk about why this approach leads to more productive and effective teams and how you can make it work for your company. My full day training includes digging deep into the GTD system and then taking time to actually begin the GTD process. My approach is about more than learning David Allen's methodology. It's about creating the right type of environment to get your highest priority work complete. We'll explore how revised communication norms, being protective of your time, and uninterrupted workblocks allow you to be in full integrity with your work.

Looking for a company tool to GTD? We can talk through how to align your GTD practice with your existing systems. Need a revamp? I highly recommend using Asana for task and project management and can help get your team up and running. 

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Improve your company's meeting Hygiene

Do your meetings stink? My meeting hygiene offering starts with identifying the key challenges that are preventing your company from running successful meetings. From there, I'll develop a customized training and meeting norms for your team. After the initial training, I am available for ongoing 1:1 and team coaching to help you think through meeting solutions. I'll also guest-facilitate and offer real-time coaching during the first 1-3 months of your new meeting practice. This allows everyone to get comfortable with new meeting habits.

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Evaluate and troubleshoot as issues emerge

I don't believe in setting you up with a new system and then sending you on your way. You need a consistent source of support to help guide you as you get deeper into your implementation. I offer follow up check-ins with your company's team leaders to talk through what's working and what isn't. I'm also available for 1:1 coaching with staff to troubleshoot specific challenges they may face. 

As part of our engagement, I'll distribute pre- and post-implementation surveys to track increased effectiveness, productivity, and task management at your company. These surveys help us to inform where to dig deeper and focus any follow-up training. They also offer you clear metrics for measuring how your team's work habits and productivity have improved.

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I currently offer a flat, discounted introductory fee of $125/hour for my services. My intention is for this rate to support a wide range of budgets, while also supporting myself. Ready to get started? Schedule an initial consultation.