Frequently Asked Questions


“The majority of people who claim to be overworked work less than they think they do, and many of the ways people work are extraordinarily inefficient. Calling something “work” does not make it important or necessary.” 
Laura Vanderkam


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is my company ready for a change?

Seeking out a consultant is often a good first step. It means you're thinking about bringing in a fresh perspective into your team's dynamics, working norms, and culture. My initial consultation allows for us to dig further into whether your company is ready to implement a practice of focused work, better meetings, and Getting Things Done (GTD). But generally I'd say the following: you're ready if your executive leadership is committed to implementing the practice themselves; if you continue to hear about and see patterns of dysfunctional, unproductive meetings, and; if your leadership and its managers are truly interested and eager to shift meeting and task management norms in order to have more productive and efficient teams.

where can I learn more about you?

Right here.

what size companies do you work with?

I tend to work with companies or teams of up to 25 people. Smaller teams of under 5 don't tend to need this particular level of systems and infrastructure in place. And teams over 25 typically benefit from a larger consultancy practice. 

meetings are a central part of how we run our company. are you saying we shouldn't have them?

You should have meetings. But you should only have meetings that matter. If you're getting through and resolving a number of issues in your meetings, if you have a clear purpose, if the right people are in the room, if they are starting and ending on time, if people leave feeling energized and clear about next steps - then you probably have excellent meeting hygiene. If you're watching people's eyes glaze over as they check their email while someone tries to work through a powerpoint without being derailed, you should reconsider your meeting habits. 

what are your rates? Do you offer discounted rates for nonprofit organizations?

I offer a flat, discounted fee of $125/hour for services. My intention is for this rate to support a wide range of budgets, while also supporting myself. Learn more about what's included in my rates here.




is my team going to spend all their time managing tasks and projects? won't they have little time for actual work?

At first, it may feel like it. We often think of planning, time management or task management as useless overhead - time that would be better spent simply doing all the work that needs to get done. This is the case if your habits and norms aren't properly integrated into your team and its culture. Incorporating new norms for how you work takes time; it's a muscle you're strengthening. After a while, these practices will take less time and feel less disruptive. 

do you work with international clients?

I want to make sure I can best support your team, regardless of location. Our world and where a company resides influences the cultural norms and practices of how people approach their work. My experience is in mitigating some of the pain points that generally come up in U.S. organizations and companies. The roles that communication, facilitation, and getting work done play in our work lives are greatly influenced by the culture and communities where we live.

Why do I need a consultant to implement a new style of working?

Overhauling or implementing your company's work norms is best done with an organizational development expert that can come in with fresh eyes and help you diagnose the underlying pain points of how your team works. From there, they can guide you towards what systems should be implemented to address those pain points. My strength as a consultant comes from understanding that a system is just a tool. The value-add to your company comes from people understanding why the system works, and knowing how to engage with it in a way that supports their day-to-day work.

BUT so-and-so says...

I'm so glad! Find the system, the guide, the consultant, the practice that works for you. There's few wrong answers in the realm of organizational development. It's about finding an approach that resonates with your company and your company's values. 

How can i follow you on social media?

After a lot of reading and reflecting, due in no small part to Cal Newport's Deep Work, I've given up most social media in order to focus my attention on more value-driven work. Best decision I ever made.