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I'm an HR professional, meeting snob, workplace coach, and time management geek.  I'm passionate about helping people have productive workdays that increase morale and purpose. Learn about my services here.


Capture. Process. Do.

"I always remember what I need to do. Why write it down?" 

"Taking time to organize my tasks and identify next steps takes me away from actual work. It slows me down." 

"I always need to be online and available to my team. How will they do work without me?" 

It's easy to believe that we can't change our work or productivity habits.
However, implementing GTD in your work (and oftentimes, in your life) can be transformative in increasing productivity and efficiency. My implementation process addresses common workplace pitfalls like being distracted by communication tools and emails, and telling yourself you'll GTD once your urgent work is complete (spoiler alert: it never is). I'll teach you how to get started with GTD, how to hold yourself accountable to your practice, and how to mitigate the things that cause us to slip back into old patterns. Learn more about my consulting work here.



Guard your time. Every hour of the day.

We're convinced that meetings are a key part to doing our work. When we dig into why, we find that we're in meetings because they have been recurring for months, sometimes years. Or we've grown dependent on them to hold us accountable for generating updates and getting projects done. We show up late and we invite the same people over and over to meetings. We wonder why we're there, but we don't believe we can change the situation.

We can. Guarding your time, and being vigilant about how you fill your calendar is critical to a productive work life. I'll ask you to confront your company's meeting hygiene and will help implement new norms about how to schedule, attend, and participate in meetings. The outcome? Intentional communication, increased trust, and fewer time spent wondering why you're in the room. 

Learn how to improve your meeting hygiene here.


“If you don't pay appropriate attention to what has your attention, it will take more of your attention than it deserves.”

— David Allen